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Montessori Learning School is an independent private school located at the North West area of Tucson, Arizona. The school offers challenging and rewarding academic programs for infants, toddlers and pre-school children (ages 1 month to 6 years old).

Our teaching approach is based on the Montessori Method, which help young children to develop within themselves a solid foundation for creative learning.

We invite you to navigate our website, visit our school and our classrooms. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you very soon.

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This Montessori School recently opened. I had been disappointed with another "Montessori" school in which my daughter was enrolled, and though it was hard because all her friends were there, I took her out and brought her here in May, and so very happy we have been! They truly endorse Montessori principles and the Primary class teachers are amazing (our daughter is in the Primary class). My daughter comes home with a new story every day of what she has learned. It is definitely an investment for our daughter's future. We look forward to her progress in the coming years. As for cost, tuition is very competitive. I would recommend any parent with a toddler/preschooler to check the school out and enroll, especially if it is one of your priorities to allow your child to discover naturally what it means to be a child and to enable her curiosity to transform into meaningful learning experiences!

Tina S.

Tucson, AZ


(520) 744-5115

7251 N Meredith Blvd. 
Tucson, AZ 85741
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